Information technology (IT) is the future and so the demand for specialists in this field will only continue to grow. There is no better way of becoming a specialist than directly learning from an experienced instructor passionate about empowering other people. In my courses, you will learn the practical skills as well theoretical background necessary to push forward your career in IT. My course portfolio currently includes:

Python & Basic Statistics

In this course, you will learn the basics of the popular Python programming language as well as the foundations of modern statistics from a professional with industry experience. You will get to experiment and practice with the presented concepts and learn how to visualize data to gain a better understanding of it.

In recent years, Python has become the most popular programming language not only for artificial intelligence (AI) applications but many other fields of computation. With its readable yet concise structure, it is a great language to kickstart your coding career.

Even the most sophisticated AI techniques such as deep neural networks are ultimately based on fundamental statistical methods. In order to understand modern AI methods, you will need to develop a sound understanding of these fundamentals. Besides AI, basically any other scientific field–be it medicine, physics or sociology–requires a good understanding of statistics.

Duration3 weeks
Estimated effort10 hours per week
Where?In person or remote
When?On demand
PrerequisitesBasic algebra skills, interest in the topic
LanguagesEnglish, German

Other courses

I am currently working on a number of other courses which will become available in the near future:

  • Python & Basic Statistics (module 2)
  • Advanced Statistics with Python
  • Python Masterclass